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Hellions Episode X: Rhapsody of the Lotus. The online novel

Epiffany Minion was a wanted woman by polar opposite parties: She was ground zero for a leak of the highly classified NetherMind project. blafi promo The government's military arm had gotten involved, dispatching "fixers" to the hospital to get her. But there were others interested in her as well. But they had to wait in line, she was at the moment being consoled by a visitor. "Epiffany, it's important that you listen," he says. "The Triage is very angry with you." "Wh ... what did -?" "Don't play stupid, Epiffany, please. We don't have the time," he says. "We need you to close the gates of the NetherNet." "Close the gates? I'm ... I'm terribly confused -" she says. "You may have a mind implant of some kind. Listen, I'm going to get you out of here, but you've got to trust me, okay?" he says. "Trust you, right. You come in the darkness of night in my hospital, telling me something that I don't understand, and you want me to trust you?!" she says. "You've been working on a project, a top-secret project -" he says. "S... you know about NetherMind?" Epiffany says. "Know about it? As a Himeratti operative, I helped green-light it. And I know that you are the MasterWriter for NetherMind. We copied your work to create the NetherWorld," he says. "NetherWorld, yes, that's the auxiliary program that I stumbled onto inside Nresidence," she says. "Yes, we put up specific fail-safes that would bar any attempt to open the NetherWorld portal. It was a fail-safe to every conceivable hacker - except you," he says. "You've torn a hole in the fabric of an alternate universe, the NetherWorld," he says. "Epiffany, you've freed some very powerful forces, forces that shouldn't be able to access the Earthly realm." "My head is about to explode," she tells him.