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Android River: A Love Robotic. The online novel

Scene from Defiers animation: You ain't seen nothing yet

Click. Blam! Kra-kow! The Defiers offers you the ultimate in webcomic sci fi graphic novels: Heroes, villains, atmospheric cityscapes and probing, deep questions that rehearse the larger questions of the universe. "Is there a heaven for a G?" The proverbial question is answered in the first chapter of the Defiers' groundbreaking inaugural novella "Back from the Brink." In a world devoid of people or reason, the superhuman band finds itself thrust in the middle of dark, abyssal situations particular to each one of them. How will they respond? What is the meaning of it all? The Defiers, written and created by comic book enthusiast Curt Johnson, offers a world of possibilities. The story behind the band of heroes is as intriguing as it is exciting. There are actually three Defiers stories that have been drafted, but "Back From the Brink" is the first and most monumental one. The Defiers' universe will eventually cross paths with the robots of "Android River," and even "The Hellions" sci fi opera. Defiers first draft And now,a sneak peak at the first draft of the Defiers story, in opera form.