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Hellions Episode 1: SuperNova. The online novel

There she was. Running to the top of the staircase, her hair blowing gently from the speed of her jaunt. The staircase was a wonder in symmetry: winding to the top culminating in a picturesque plateau of the Caribbean. Epiffany Minion raced up each step, panting heavily, but. She didn't know why. She didn't know why she was running up the steps, or what it symbolized. All she knew was that she had to get to the top. That was her dream. The dream had awakened her. Again. Today. Today was April 1, 2070. blafi promo It was the same dream that landed her in "this place". "This place" was the Telepathic Mental Farm in Atlanta. It was a government hospital for people with "sensory malfunctions," as they called it. Many of its inhabitants possessed superhuman mental powers but were left clamoring onto a reality they had no longer had the stomach to behold: Drugs did the trick. Epiffany looked around and noticed that the sun had just begun peaking out from the horizon, its crown emitting a bulging white fuzz. "I've got to get out of here. Oh, my head is killing me," she said to herself. "Where's my computer?" Epiffany was a MasterWriter in the world of computerspeak. She wrote programs and was one of the foremost experts in terronology, or terrorism via computer technology. She had won a government contract at the Pentagon and was involved in a top-secret project to thwart techno-terrorists from heisting the Internet and the new field of biodigitology. Biodigitology was the scientific mix of digital technology and biology. With the discovery of atom-meshing - literally meshing atoms back together again after they've disassembled - the virtual world and the physical world joined in unholy matrimony to mixed results. But only on a canvas, thus the online world was an unstable landscape and virtual playground for humanity.