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Hellions Episode 4: March of the Juggernaut: The online novel

The world media was having a field day.Reports across the globe sirened the news about a race of Amazon-like women destroying all in their path. The hottest tape was the coming of the juggernaut warrior, Black Lilac. Seems a newscamera off the coast of wales captured her materialization on camera. Eyewitnesses say she came out of a land mine. blafi promo There is actual footage of her materializing in a shaft of the mine from some otherworldly place. It's being beamed across the Earth as similar beings make their presences felt as well. Sadly she was none too pleased at her first sights. She destroyed them with one swoop of her deadly staff. The Triage had organized the superhuman assassins into 4 levels, aligning their powers with the four elements - earth, wind, fire and water. But there was a higher level cyborg-based superhuman that harnessed other powers, a fifth element that was foreign outside of the NetherWorld. They were spawned from robotic sentinels and humans. In the top circles of the Triage they were known as Black Operatives, all of them being level 4. The Triage started experimenting with international prisoners condemned to death, promising them a life of freedom in a new realm if they would willingly be guinea pigs for the biodigital program. Cyberterrorists and superhackers held the upper hand and could cripple the infrastructure of major cities in a matter of hours, whole countries in just days. The Triage's biodigital program would in effect send these prisoners into the computer as virtual identities able to combat the hackers on a durable level. blafi promo Epiffany Minion, as MasterWriter of the NetherWorld program somehow, someway wrote a virus code-named after flowers that were able to grow quickly and replicate. The Black Lilac was fm the same genus as the Black Flower: An offspring of the original biodigital code that created the mother of all of the Amazon unit "Special Agents": Lilith. The Black Ops were able to mimic the metals and minerals of the Earth in such a way that they became those things. In the NetherWorld, they mimicked new minerals, new metals unknown on planet Earth. This gradual adaptation of native NetherWorld elements caused the cyborg squad to be the most feared in the realm, and also the most unstable. Meanwhile, agents for Pentagon operative Hilga Schwartz have found Epiffany.