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The Defiers: Back from the Brink

Q & A with "Defiers" Writer: Curt Johnson

  1. What inspired you to write "The Defiers" web comic?
  2. Well, "The Defiers" was created in the 1990s. The inspiration came from superhero comics in general, sci fi books, stuff like that. I've been collecting comics for several years now.
  3. What's the premise behind "The Defiers"?
  4. It's basically a group that comes together against all odds to protect the Earth and defy injustices and would-be world conquerors. That's what the book is about. Curt
  5. What's your inspiration for some of the characters in the comic?
  6. Your average superheroes - Superman, the X-Men; sci fi superheroes and technical superheroes.
  7. Now what are technical superheroes?
  8. Well, all my superheroes are technical heroes. I kind of dwell on the technical sci fi. [Defiers character] Prometheus is, like, another stage of humanity. He has a cybernetic body. His real body is in suspended animation and he takes his brain waves and hooks them up to an indestructable body to fight villians.
  9. Wow. Can't wait for that back story.
  10. Yeah.
  11. Do you think black superheroes are lacking in comics today?
  12. Definitely. The comic world tries to make it look representative to the real world but it's still kind of blinded by the old ways of thinking. For instance, the good guy, the white-guy-wins-story line is still prevalent today.
  13. There's still alot of superhero groups that need diversity today? What with green people and outerspace characters you still don't think it's diverse enough?
  14. There's still not alot of diversity in the mainstream. You might have some stories that are diverse but those stories that are out there, they don't get alot of credit. Alot of people don't see them. Look at the "Black Panther". He's a black character that's been out there since the 1950s but he's just getting some attention now. And there still aren't prevalent characters of color - Asian, Hispanic superheroes - in the mainstream.
  15. What can people expect from you?
  16. More titles dealing with space, outerspace, space adventures.
  17. Anything else you'd like to say?
  18. The comic book industry is lacking the full scope of stories and that's something that the world needs to see, you know, comic books from everybody, all different races, different countries. Say for instance if we took the best comic books from each country, the best of the best. Even draw a book where it's their superheroes against our superheroes. That's a good idea.

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