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About the Writer: Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson has been doodling since his first Timeout in elementary school. "I remember distinctly in third grade leaving during the schoolday most days to go to an arts and crafts class off Tara Boulevard" in Baton Rouge, La., his hometown.


"I've always wanted to create a comic book, especially after I experienced the artwork of John Byrne and Jack "King" Kirby. This web site is the result of years and years - really a lifetime - of dreams and aspirations. My older brother got us into comics, they've never really left," he said. Craig conceptualized Blafi.com after 12 years in the newspaper business. "I've always liked art, but I got similarly infatuated with words," he said. "Comics is the perfect marriage of both." His sci fi serial, the Hellions, combines movie stills with graphic art effects to make a new lanscape. "The technique is called Schmorphing, taking a photo and totally manipulating it into a new creation. Look for more exciting things from him. Check out the latest Hellions online graphic novel and let the adventure begin!
And for more interesting, mysterious, suspenseful, spectacular tales check out some of our other titles. To read about Blafi's artist and creator, click here. We're always looking for talent! If you want to contribute black fiction, be it short stories, poetry with art, comics or something creative and different, get it crackin!

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